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World War ZMovie | 2013

The world of 2033 lies in ruins as a result of World War III (a.k.a. the Great War of 2013 or simply Armageddon). The great war is an integral part of the Metro Series canon, as it's the major event that predates the events of both the books and the games.

World War ZMovie | 2013


The event that has led to the post-nuclear reality of Metro 2033 has different names that vary between locations and from one source to another. It is commonly regarded as World War III, the Third World War, or the Great War of 2013 - as it's considered to be the last global conflict in human history to be on the same or greater scale than the first two preceding World Wars (it is worth noting that the First World War used to be known as The Great War, since it was the largest conflict thus far seen by mankind and was perceived as the "war to end all wars").

What is certain, from Stepan's account of the war along with flashbacks and dialogue in Metro: Last Light, and the live-action shorts, nuclear weapons landed on Russian soil shortly before they responded. Several missiles were launched from launch sites across Russia only seconds before a nuclear bomb detonated over Moscow. After the exchange, Russian nuclear submarines enacted the Dead Hand contingency, and the majority launched their payload in retaliation, or stood down because of moral concerns[2] or lack of new targets.[3] Regardless, the entire world was completely devastated.

In Metro Exodus, Artyom hears radio broadcasts from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, Central African Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, as well as other parts of Russia. This reveals that humanity continues to exist all over the world in civilised pockets. It basically confirms the information that had already been made canon earlier by the Universe of Metro 2033 extended book series.

A repeating official radio broadcast that Artyom picks up on the Aurora, likely dated to shortly after the bombs were dropped all over the world, warns the residents of the Russian Federation (or what remains of it) to stay away from the following cities due to dangerously high levels of radiation: Barnaul, Biysk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk, and Tomsk. Some citizens actually survived in the Novosibirsk Metro, but political instability and supply shortages led to internal turmoil that ultimately killed off almost everyone who was left.

On battlefields across the globe, groups of soldiers survived by hiding in their tanks. Many of these groups banded together into camps and tried to acquire radio contact with the remains of civilisation. In Towards the Light, it's revealed that some areas of the earth were not directly hit by any of the bombs. Locations such as Australia and most of South America were likely spared since they had no nuclear weapons to begin with. As shown in Metro 2035, areas on the surface not directly struck by the bombs remain fairly habitable, and it's likely the regions of the world spared from bombing are free from severe radiation or mutants. These regions, however, are most likely preoccupied with managing their own respective countries and uninterested in exploring the "destroyed" areas of the world at the time being. It can be assumed that the major leaders of participating countries at the time of the exchange enacted their respective Continuity of Government (with the exception of Russia in the video game canon), and are still alive and in power - although, given the state of their former nations, this matters little.

The advent of penicillin as a clinical and commercial reality depended on a wide range of biological, scientific, and human resources operating in an open network. Arguing that penicillin would play a critical role in the recovery of manpower, US military leaders mobilized these resources instead of prioritizing economic goals. Mold samples, top-secret reports, and scientists began flying all over the country and, in some cases, the world. This approach induced collaboration among the varied scientists involved with the wartime project, providing them access to a previously unfathomable network of scientific exchange.

To be presented at the 2013 American Economic Association Annual Meetings in San Diego, CA in the session "Work on Women's Work is Never Done," Friday, Jan. 4, 2013, 10:15AM. Discussant is Dora Costa. We thank Larry Katz and participants of an informal workshop at the NBER during the summer 2012 for helpful comments and suggestions. Shuheng Lin and Chenzi Xu provided extraordinary research assistance. Funding was provided by general university research support. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Goldin, Claudia, and Claudia Olivetti. 2013. "Shocking Labor Supply: A Reassessment of the Role of World War II on Women's Labor Supply." American Economic Review, 103(3): 257-62. citation courtesy of

  • World War Z (Movie)Director(s)Marc ForsterWriter(s)Matthew Michael Carnahan

  • J. Michael Straczynski

  • Screenwriter(s)Matthew Michael Carnahan

  • Drew Goddard

  • Damon Lindelof

  • Producer(s)Brad Pitt

  • Dede Gardner

  • Jeremy Kleiner

  • Ian Bryce

ComposerMarco BeltramiRelease DateJune 21, 2013Running Time116 minutesRatingPG-13Gerry Lane is a former UN employee who lives with his wife Karin and his two daughters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One day while stuck in traffic, they notice many helicopters and policeman passing by for some reason. When one of the policemen on motorcycles zooms by and breaks off the car's side mirror, Gerry goes out to pick it up, only to notice an explosion in the distance. A policeman tells him to get back in his car when he is suddenly hit by a zooming truck that crashes through the cars. Gerry panics and zooms his car behind the trail of the truck. Everyone in the city starts running and panicking. Their car crashes in the city square and Gerry can hardly hear from the crash, as he exits in the confusing chaos, growls can be slightly heard. When his hearing comes back, he sees people being attacked by people that appeared to be cannibalistic and insane. They appeared to be zombies. He and the family try to run. As they are, Gerry notices a man being bitten by one of the infected, and in just 12 seconds, he becomes a zombie. He and the family get on an RV and leave the city. The view shows the whole of Philadelphia being overrun by zombies as well as other cities worldwide, showing that there is a violent plague that somehow turns people into a zombified state.

As they drive away, Gerry gets a call from an old friend named Thierry Umutoni, a UN deputy Secretary General who could be seen escaping New York. The Lanes go to Newark New Jersey and get supplies from a store. At night, they run from the zombies into an apartment building and take refuge in an apartment with a boy Tommy and his two parents. Over the night, Thierry organizes a helicopter to pick up Gerry in the morning. Once morning hits, they leave the room and run through the violent zombies to the roof where the helicopter arrives. Tommy's mom dies and his dad is zombified. The lanes and Tommy escape to a U.S Navy Vessel in the Atlantic where scientists and military personnel are analyzing the world wide zombie outbreaks. A man named Fassbach says that the plague is a virus and that the development of a vaccine depends on finding the origin. Gerry must help him find the source of the outbreak since he says his family will be removed if he does not come. Gerry says goodbye to his family before he and Fassbach fly to Camp Humphreys, a military base in South Korea. They find out that the infection was introduced to the base by its Doctor, who was ultimately incinerated by a soldier with a lame leg that the infected ignored. They also meet an imprisoned CIA Operative who sold weapons to North Korea (to help fight the infection) He tells them that there is a safe zone in Jerusalem that has been maintained by the Israeli Mossad since before the outbreaks official acknowledgment. As they try to shoot the zombies outside and try to get on an aircraft, Fassbach slips and accidentally shoots himself dead. Only Gerry and the pilot make it out alive and fly to Jerusalem.

Gerry looks through the window and watches in horror as all of Jerusalem becomes a zombified infestation. He tries to keep Segens's handless arm in bandages during the flight. He is also contacted by Thierry who tells him that the plane is going to a World Health Organization (WHO) Facility outside Cardiff, Wales. When they're almost there, a single zombie is shown to have stowed away onto the plane and turns the rest of the people on board into zombies. After an unsuccessful attempt to block off the doors leading to the section of the plane with the uninfected, Gerry grabs a grenade and blows a hole in the plane that sends all the infected out into the open. The plane crashes and Gerry is knocked out. When he wakes up, he is barely able to move because he has a piece of metal impaled in the right side of his stomach. He and Segen limp to the Who Facility where Gerry passes out. He awakes 3 days later to several WHO doctors in an area of the WHO Facility that isn't overrun with zombies. He explains to them his theory that the zombies don't attack seriously injured or terminally ill people since they would be unsuitable hosts for viral reproduction. He suggests that they test this by infecting somebody with a pathogen from the facility, but the pathogens are stored in a wing that has zombies near it. Gerry, Sagen, and the lead WHO Doctor sneak their way pass the zombies, knowing that they can be attracted by sound. When they make an accidental sound, the zombies start chasing them, and Gerry is separated. The other two escape back to the safe part of the building while Gerry finds the pathogen vault. He goes in and finds the bin with the vial. But as he turns to leave, he sees a zombie is behind the door trying to get in. Gerry decides to inject himself with an unknown pathogen to test his theory. He waits many minutes for the pathogen to take effect. Then he opens the door to find the zombie completely ignoring him. He exits the room and creates a loud noise using a soda machine. As the other zombies run towards Gerry's direction, they all ignore him and he makes it back safely. Gerry has found the type of "zombie camouflage" that can be used for survivors. Later, he is brought back to his family and they hug. Different scenes show how cities worldwide are lost and that the zombie camouflage has bought survivors some time. Gerry says that this war is far from over and they still don't know how it started. He says "Our War Has Just Begun." 041b061a72


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