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George Ivanov
George Ivanov

Simaris Design 7 0 16

Based on the requirements of the specific power distribution system, SIMARIS design safely and reliably dimensions a system solution from a broad product portfolio that is in compliance with all the relevant standards (IEC) and reflects the present state of the art in technology. Suitable components are selected automatically.

simaris design 7 0 16

Convince yourself of the easy and fast application of SIMARIS design and take a closer look at the functions of SIMARIS design. Our regional consultants will be pleased to provide you with personal and on-site support with any questions on the dimensioning process with SIMARIS design.

I am so glad see you guys exploring SIMARIS design since I am a promoter for this tool. I just wanna tell Christian Petrov that in the latest version which launched in April, 2009 as (SIMARIS Design 5.0) the motor starters is very detailed. You can select a DOL, start-delta, softstarter or even a VFD. 350c69d7ab


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