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George Ivanov
George Ivanov

VAZ 2121 LADA NIVA 1600 V1.0.0.0

VAZ 2121 / LADA NIVA 1600 is a Soviet / Russian car intended for farmers and all people who need an all-road car. As such LADA NIVA 1600 deserve to be a part of the game, complying to all present game standards.

VAZ 2121 LADA NIVA 1600 V1.0.0.0


My VAZ 2121 / LADA NIVA 1600 mod for FS19 was more or less popular among the FS fans, and because of this it deserves to be part of FS22 as well. Some enthusiast already convert it, but not quite properly, as I saw in some videos. Therefore I have decided to share with you my own work.

VAZ 2121 / LADA NIVA 1600 to radziecki / rosyjski samochód przeznaczony dla rolników i wszystkich osób potrzebujących samochodu terenowego. W związku z tym LADA NIVA 1600 zasługuje na to, aby być częścią gry, spełniając wszystkie obecne standardy gry. 041b061a72


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