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Unnai Ninaithu Cut Songs 21

The team predominantly shot the film in Chennai and Visakhapatnam areas, while songs were shot in Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The team travelled to Kandy and the Ramboda Falls to film sequences across Sri Lanka, and it became the first film by director Vikraman to be shot outside India.[4] Dubbing artist Jayageetha dubbed for Sneha, while Dubbing artist Savitha Reddy dubbed for Laila.

unnai ninaithu cut songs 21

The film opened in May 2002 to mixed reviews from critics. A reviewer from The Hindu wrote, "the story must have had a strong theme to begin with and the screenplay surely aims at conveying something different. But things do not progress in that direction", and adds that "the treatment lacks punch".[5] The reviewers from gave the film a negative review, adding "the film is very slow and one feels that the story is as old as the hills", adding that it is a "rehash of the director's earlier hits and is long winded and extremely slow paced mainly due to illogical story, songs pushed into the narrative and a jarring comedy track".[6]


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