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How To Change Your Relationship Status On The Facebook App

You're in love, or out of love, and you want to shout it from the highest mountain peaks. These days there's no higher peak than Facebook. You can quickly change your relationship status using either the Facebook mobile app or the Facebook website.

how to change your relationship status on the facebook app

4. If you've never set your relationship status on Facebook before, click the empty box labeled "Add your relationship status." If you've already set your status in the past, hover your mouse over your current status and click the word "Edit" when it appears on the right.

All it takes are a few simple steps to hide the announcement. First go to the "About" section on your timeline and scroll down to the "Relationship" section. Hit "Edit" on the upper right corner and change your privacy settings to "Only Me." Then change your status to "Single" or "It's Complicated" or whatever you situation is, and hit save.

By India Today Web Desk: Facebook is a popular social media platform across the world which helps people to stay connected with each other. On Facebook, its users can also update their current relationship status according to their choice. Now, if you are a Facebook user and want to change your relationship status on Facebook for computer, there are some simple steps you need to know.

Step 4: Now, you need to choose your relationship status from the dropdown menu. Depending on your status, you may also have the option to add the name of the person you're in a relationship with and your anniversary.

Please note you can only list someone in your relationship status if you're friends with that person. That person also needs to confirm that you're in a relationship together before they're listed in your relationship status.

"More than 200 million people have listed themselves as single in their relationship status on Facebook," Nathan Sharp, the product manager for the dating feature, said in a statement in September 2018 when it first rolled out in Colombia.

For one, the app duplicates your Facebook profile but removes your existing relationship status, meaning, like any dating app, you could easily join behind your partner's back. Additionally, Facebook Dating doesn't match you with any of your existing Facebook friends, meaning there's a lower risk than with some other dating apps that you could get caught by your partner's single friends who are also on the app.

Then, Facebook generates a new profile including your first name and age but removes any relationship status a user has on their regular Facebook profile. It adds space for you to describe yourself in three words, sentences, or emojis.

The feature that removes a person's relationship status could make it simple to deceive your partner: He or she may see "married" or "in a relationship" on your regular Facebook page while you're operating a separate dating page without that information.

And for these kinds of users, Facebook has provided with the ability to make your profile private which includes hiding relationship status making it invisible in the Timeline. Or you can also hide or show it to any certain people or friends. So here we are going to share the methods to do so.

Like you can hide friends list from certain friends, similarly, if you wish that your relationship status should be visible to only one person, or just with limited friends than that can also be done. But only from the Facebook website. To do so, while setting the Privacy from the given options select the Custom option.

If you wish to add your relationship status to your life event then that is also possible. Just head towards the website, open your profile and go to About section. There select Life events from the left sidebar. After this, select the category i.e. Relationship.

Hi friends, how are you all. You must have noticed that many people post relationship status on Facebook. From today's post you will know how to upload relationship status on facebook. Many of us get involved in relationships. Which we want to publish through Facebook. But we don't know how to post relationship status on facebook timeline.

Your relationship status can be engagement, marriage, first meet and love. You can post any status on your Facebook. You can easily post relationships in your Facebook news feed. Many of our friends add a person to their relationship status on facebook.

Many people add their relationship status to the Facebook timeline. It is important to add relationship status to your Facebook profile to reveal whether you are single or married or engaged. Many people add relationship to their news feed on facebook with someone. If we want, we can add relationship status in our Facebook timeline through just one setting. Then the visitor who comes to visit our profile will be able to see our relationship status. Now let's find out how to post relationship on facebook timeline.

Getting your anniversary date wrong in any scenario can be embarrassing -- particularly on Facebook, where that information becomes publicly documented. Whether the blunder was due to computer or human error, Facebook always gives you the option to fix your mistakes. Use the website's profile editing tools to change your relationship's anniversary date.

In the modern world of social media an added dimension has come into romantic relationships! So when is okay to announce your new love to the world by changing your relationship status on Facebook?

In this section, you can check your profile information, settings for Posts and Stories, and settings for blocking people. You can limit your audience to just you, your Facebook Friends, or Custom lists that you create. For instance, you can create a family list, acquaintances list, or work list. Go to and click on Custom Lists to get started.

You can also set your birthday by going to go to your profile page (you can access it by clicking on your profile photo in the side menu bar) and clicking on "About" (or "See Your About Info" in the app). In the "Contact and basic info" section (or "Basic Info" section in the app), you can change the settings for your birthday.

You can also set your birthday by going to go to your profile page (you can access it by clicking on your profile photo in the side menu bar) and clicking on "About" (or "See Your About Info" in the