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Prehistoric Tribes 240x320 Free REPACK Downloadl

Game "Primitive wars" will transfer you to a prehistoric epoch when the freezed cave people only got out of the shelters after a long glacial age and started to investigate the world new to them.In this real-time of strategy you should operate a primitive tribe. Each person in your tribe is a person with the desires and abilities (to tell the truth, without brains). And he is constantly occupied with something: works, stirs with fellow tribesmen, sleeps, eats or simply picks up flowers. You will have to sweat to provide people with comfortable living conditions: meal, a roof over the head, rest, safety. Only when your cave people are happy, they will fall in love with each other and do small cave little men, and the tribe will grow.You should investigate territory, collect resources for village building, hunt and fish to extract meal; make weapon and train soldiers to be protected from unfriendly tribes of cannibals and barbarians. You will see how difficult to rule several tens cave people which constantly disperse on the affairs. Therefore you should show abilities of the leader and lead the tribe to a happy and carefree life.

Prehistoric Tribes 240x320 Free Downloadl

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"Wadi Rum has been inhabited by many human cultures since prehistoric times, with many cultures including the Nabateans leaving their mark in the form of rock paintings, graffiti, and temples. As of 2007[update], several Bedouin tribes inhabit Rum and the surrounding area.


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