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George Ivanov
George Ivanov

2000 Solved Problems In Electromagnetics Pdf =LINK=

This book explores the development of electromagnetic theory in the field of scattering. Solutions to applied problems of electromagnetic wave scattering are presented and include resonant electromagnetic wave scattering, solved by the integral equation method, and 2D and 3D scattering problems, solved by the asymptotical (short wave) method. The book provides worked examples throughout for analysis of the electromagnetic wave scattering processes by different objects. The key audience for this book includes researchers in the field of electromagnetic scattering and designers of radar and radio equipment.

2000 Solved Problems In Electromagnetics Pdf

The Millennium Prize Problems are seven well-known complex mathematical problems selected by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000. The Clay Institute has pledged a US$1 million prize for the first correct solution to each problem.

Andrew Wiles, as part of the Clay Institute's scientific advisory board, hoped that the choice of US$1 million prize money would popularize, among general audiences, both the selected problems as well as the "excitement of mathematical endeavor".[3] Another board member, Fields medalist Alain Connes, hoped that the publicity around the unsolved problems would help to combat the "wrong idea" among the public that mathematics would be "overtaken by computers".[4]


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