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Purification Through Fire ● Divine Connections & Twinflame Eclipse Energies Closing Out 2020

Hello Twinnies,

SO, how are you enjoying Scorpio season? Having fun yet? It's no surprise that Scorpio season has been quite the turbulent time, thanks to the movement of the universal Kraken stirring up the murky deep waters and what has been hiding beneath the surface of our divine connections. I know a lot of us have found things out about our counterparts that are LESS than savory, or at the very least we've gotten further clarity on people's true intentions & toxic behaviors. However painful these truths have been, please do not lose faith in the vision. Always remember that there is beauty in the breakdown, and the phoenix always rises in greater form than the previous version.

If you're finding yourself in a dark place right now, know that the collective and source is here to support you both energetically and in the 3D. With that being said, we are actually embarking into a time of karmic justice and extreme undeniable truth revelation with the Lunar Eclipse occuring on November 30th at 8' Gemini. If you have an awareness of your natal chart, and even better- your composite chart with your twin or soulmate, you can assess these energies and how they will be influencing your connection by identifying which house the eclipse will be falling into. Also, be aware that just because a specific house is ruled by Gemini, that it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be the house shifting. Be sure to check the exact degree of your house cusp to know for certain what realm will be impacted! Also, the closer to the house cusp that the eclipse falls, the more intensely the energies will be felt.


The Karmic Rebalance

To fully understand the impact of this wonderous lunar event, we first need to look to the sign that it falls in. Gemini is most well known as the Mercury ruled sign that is chatty, witty, charismatic, and intelligent. Just like any other sign, Gemini has a shadow side that can portray itself as being manipulative, deceitful, two-faced, and side stepping. With this energy coming into union with the intuitive nature of the moon, or otherwise known as Cancerian energy, we find ourselves in a bit of an emotionally conflicting and potentially verbally combative vibe. An interesting way to look at this tranist is to consider the social identity that Gemini energy takes on in the form of the mythological god Hermes. Hermes was considered the messenger between the underworld and the heavens, which it is important to note that he is a MESSENGER, not necessarily a truth bearer. Gemini tends to get a reputation for their affinity for gossip, or the passing of messages between people regardless of validity or truth. This is what I am feeling is the root of the issues surrounding this eclipse. When we synthesize the hidden nature of the moon and the word-vomit tendencies of Gemini, we find ourselves in a bit of a confusing shit storm where nobody really knows the difference between their asses & elbows. To be honest, that's kind of the gift of this astrological event, because we can all rest assured that none of us really know the FULL truth, yet. This fuckery is going to be further intensified by the "truths" that are brought forth from the shadows of the moon into the conscious awareness of the collective. My best guidance here is to be extremely careful about who you're trusting, and unless information is coming directly from the source, sit on it. This is NOT a time to jump to conclusions based off of the rumour mill chatter. Full moons are known for making people feel emotionally unstable, so I BEG of you, please cry into a pint of Ben & Jerries before you find yourself wilding out and waking up in your ex's bed. This is a time to address karma, not create more. After the eclipse passes, and the messages (receipts *wink*) are sent or received, we will then be guided to sift through the rubble to find the gems of truth within the chaos. This scramble for truth should come to a halt around the third week of the new lunar cycle, just in time for Yule/Winter Solstice. Until then, it is imperative that we all take incredibly good care of our vessels at this time, as these energies intensify as we do find the clarity and finally collapse timelines that we do not desire to bring into 2021. These truths will not come without some feelings of loss and potentially betrayal for many, but rest assured that we will all enter 2021 with the knowledge, people, and resources necessary to fulfil our divine missions in 2021. Whatever leaves, or you chose to leave behind because it no longer serves you, is meant to stay in 2020. This is the karmic scales recalibrating themselves, and unfortunately for some, your counterparts may be someone you need to leave behind as they embark on a journey to learning more karmic lessons or healing to nurture greater self love. For others, you will be cutting ties with karmic soulmates in preparation for physical union with your twins in 2021. For the twins in union already, these energies will likely cause a severance to a behavioral pattern, job, or living situation to open doors for better opportunities in the following year. Whatever the case, this passage through the ring of fire, however painful, is a rite of passage in the purification process of soul retrieval which is leading us all to greater unity with source, self, and unconditional love. Be brave, and know that you will weather this storm, and the new you waiting on the other side is ready to kick 2021's ass.

Stay Blessed & Get Some Rest,



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